Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Socks nearly finished. Got distracted last night making gear wheels for drum carder, very simple using 2 CD's and 6 washers. I' m happy with the colour (Lochs and Glens) of my hand dyed Jitterbug when knitted up. Yes I know they aren't purple. I love Brioche stitches, the socks have them in the ribbing ...

and my scarf in my hand dyed New Lanark wool Purplejen colourway in a version of Fisherman's rib. It still needs blocked and the ends woven in.

here it is close up.

I'm now looking to try as many different brioche stitches as I can find ... I think its a perfect way to show off hand dyed/variegated colours.

Finally a quick shot of the larger drum carder drum. Just waiting for the carding cloth to arrive and then I can play! Spent ages last night explaining to DH what I was building and how it will deal with the mess he keeps moaning about. His take on the matter was that I could have finished hand carding the 5 fleeces in the time its taken to make this ... I think not!

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LUL said...

it look hreat. You've been busy!