Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Pictures tomorrow folks, DH has the camera today.

We've been away for a long weekend to Knoydart (Britains last real wilderness), walked in to Barrisdale Bay on friday, got back last night. It was beautiful and made all the getting wet and eaten by midges etc worthwhile. My favourite discovery was purple sand on the beach and purple shellfish where they had taken up the sand. I collected several purple oyster shells which I'll polish to make shawl pins once I've finished everything else on the to-do list.

I've nearly knitted that pair of socks I was on about AGES ago. I decided against the toe up pattern and knitted the ones from Spring IK. I used the Colinette Jitterbug that I dyed myself in the Lochs and Glens colourway. Hoping to finish them tonight but it depends if the drum carder cloth arrives ...

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