Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I'm a naughty girl ... I've ordered a Kromski Symphony spinning wheel after finally making up my mind after only about a year! I have lots of pictures today so not much writing, just to say the leg continues to get better.

Socks # 1

Hand dyed Colinette Jitterbug sock yarn

Socks #2
Regia Bamboo, simple toe up pattern

Socks #3
4 Colour twister German sock yarn

Socks #4
Violet Green BFL

Not too happy with these socks, there was a little to much pooling of colour for my liking, but the BFL feels lovely against my feet.
Next came a parcel that arrived on saturday from Lene in Denmark. She's sent me some lovely things to entertain me and cheer me up while my leg's sore. WOW!
Lovely stamps once again. How did she know I like pictures of Celtic animals!

Thank you so much!!!! You are the best! I love everything its made me laugh and cry.

This is the drum carder, it just needs some minor modifications and a drive band before I can put it to serious use.

Finally some fair isle cats that I was playing with a while back and forgot to picture.

More writing tomorrow, feeling tired now .... entirely self induced!

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LUL said...

Seems like I totally forgot to check your blog yesterday. You sure have been very productive.
The drum carder looks very effective, I look forward to see all the yarn you make once your wheel arrive. Good thing you finally ordered it, you sure deserve it!!
Glad you liked the stamps (and the rest of it) 'cos I ordered home a whole bunch to be able to out on so many different ones *lol*
Hey, those cats are just soo cute. I guess I have to learn to knit fair isle (once I get out of my lace attack)