Tuesday, July 24, 2007

What's new?

I've nearly built myself a drum carder, just waiting on the carding cloth and then need to finalise the gearing. Then I'll have some pictures. I've mostly used materials I have at home. My outlay so far has been the carding cloth, a threaded steel rod and a couple of washers and bolts. I also bought some gears etc from Maplin and a buggy wheel from Homebase. Fingers crossed that it will work. I've got one or two more batches of fleece to wash and then it'll be carding and dyeing galore.

We cycled over to Ayr on sunday (about 55 miles) which was great apart from a minor falling off bike episode on my part which has left me a little bruised and sore. All along the cyclepath were lots of potential dye plants (weeds) so I plan to go out collecting in the next few weeks.
I've managed to misplace the book with the hap shawl pattern in :-( ... but it gave me an excuse for some instant knitting gratification (watch this space).

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