Friday, July 20, 2007

Now for a BIG THANK YOU to Lene ( who sent me a lovely birthday surprise.
Remember the box of goodies I showed yesterday? Well they took me 2 hours to unwrap and I loved every minute of it!

Look a great cat for my windowsill, purple candles, a cheeky wee frog, handcream and homemade lemony massage oil. Will definately enjoy some me time over the weekend!

Yum trail mix, perfect for our next hillwalking or cycling expedition, and dark chocolate. I confess that I stopped brewed some lapsang souchong and enjoyed a piece right away. Perfection. And stickers .... I love stickers.

Next a cactus ...

A senile old man (Cephalocereus senilis) ... i've looked for one of these for ages. Itsn't he handsome. I thought it best for him to meet some of my babies ...

Next a pattern for knitting cacti! I've been lusting for one for a while to make a pincushion you see.

Next a cute pink origami box ... I wonder what's inside?

ooh beautiful handmade purple stitch markers. They're perfect for lace!

OOh yarn! Lovely soft purple mohair perfect ! I love the way it has a slight sheen in the light. It matches the hap shawl pink maybe a few rows of hap would look good! I've never seen such rich purple lace mohair before. WOW!

Next some unwrapping for Kenny. Um this smells good!

And a ball thats purple and rattles ... I think he wants to play for Celtic nexst year! He loves them! A BIG Thank you from Kenny pussycat to Lene.

Finally a big something for me to enjoy all on my own. I can't tell you how excited I was about this!

I've been spoilt rotten! Thank you Lene for making this one my best birthday ever!


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LUL said...

I had no idea the cactus was so hard to get! And what a funny name.

I am so happy you liked it all, especially with the dissapearing of the SP10 package! Hope you have a good time with it.
I called the postoffice yesterday (forgot last week and was sooo worried they had returned the parcel). One more day and they would have returned it! Now I just hope it is the right one as I ordered some T-pins that didn't arrive prior to my trip!!!
Well, time to go for a final evening walk in the hills. Tomorrow we head back home -which will be nice I have to admit!