Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Well I thought I'd have pictures of my WIPS. You'll have to wait for tomorrow for those because I've been dyeing again and although the skeins aren't dry I have some pictures.

I had two kinds of dyeing to play with:

1. Overdying some stash which I got without knowing the colours and I don't like them as they are. This includes, 400g of bright red soft laceweight, 100g each of Colinette mohair (icky pink), tagliatelle (neon pink), skye (pale washed out blue with bright bits) and icky pink wigwam, also 80g of Hipknits cashmere sock wool (in brown/pink).

2. New undyed wool. 20g of Heirloom knitting cobweb mohair (to end up lavender for the shetland hap), 50g of wool/silk sock wool, 100g of 4ply sock wool, 100g of slubby chunky wool, 100g of chunky wool/mohair blend, 400g of New Lanark aran in several shades of cream/brown.

Firstly what tools do I use for dyeing:

Watering can full of water, empty plastic bags, paint brushes, cling film, empty yoghurt pots (or other plastic container), teaspoon measure, dye, microwave steamer pot and a microwave (just used for dyeing).

Here is all the pre-soaked wool. I presoaked in luke warm soapy (thats solid soap not washing up liquid) for 16 hours. The little plastic bags have the cobweb wool in them.

Here is the wool drying after dyeing, cooking and rinsing. I'll have proper pictures of each skein once they're dry and reskeined. The four reddish skeins are the laceweight. The far RHS was cooked in a dyebath without prior soaking, the next one along had 15 minutes soaking, the last two I handpainted, wrapped in cling and left for 15 mins and 30 mins (far LHS). The difference in colour is amazing.

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