Thursday, May 24, 2007

Time for a progress report.

What's on the needles at the moment?

1. Shetland hap shawl - slow progress currently doing 4 rows per evening. Trying to maintain the novelty of it and reduce the risk of making a mistake. I already know it won't be ready in time but I'll plod on anyway.

2. My version of a Colinette ab fab throw, a wedding present for my friends who get married next weekend. I started this on Monday evening and am half way through already. Its knit on 9mm needles which makes a change for me. Its mostly in cream colours with a pastel pink/blue running through it every so often. I've called it sunrise and seashore at Sanna. Sanna is a fantastic beach close to Ardnamurchan (the most westerly point in the British Isles). Picture of it here: Picture of the throw to follow next time.

3. New Lanark felted bag. I'm using up my natural aran wool leftovers from the jumper I made my father. The wool only cost 1p per gram so I bought more than I needed in different natural sheep colours, very dark brown, mid brown, grey and cream and luckily it felts perfectly.

4. Blossom jumper. Sadly only a little progress. The Shetland hap and ab fab throw are higher priority at the moment.

5. Nicky Epstein hooded shawl. Have put this aside for now until I get a few things finished. It shouldn't take too long to get back to it though.

What's next?

Stashbusting before I go to woolfest. Quick and easy projects in the heavier weight yarn from my stash. The felted bag counts in this category. As a treat I can make the toe up socks when I finish the blossom jumper. With just over one month to go the race is on!

Pictures of my WIP's next time ...

Long term plans:

Moods of the sea wallhanging
Shades of purple throw
Mermaid by Hanne Falkenberg
Something from VLT

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