Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Lots of pictures, really pleased with most of the outcomes ...
Picture 1. Overdyed skeins. from left to right. Hipknits cashmere sock wool was brown/pale pink, Colinette Mohair was icky pink, Colinette Skye was washed out green with bright reds and blues, Colinette Tagliatelle was neon pink.

Picture 2. Overdyed laceweight. This was bright red. Each skein was dyed the same colour but different method (see yesterdays post for details.
Picture 3. New Lanark Aran (in the grease). This is for a felted landscape bag.
Picture 4. Heirloom knitting mohair overdyed for Shetland hap shawl. I was aiming for lavender and am really pleased with the colour.
Picture 5. (Left to right) Silk/merino sock wool blend, two skeins of slubby wool, one of fluffy wool and 100g of sock wool.
This is the ab fabesque throw which is a present for my friends wedding.

And finally the to be felted bag (not yet finished) This is in tradional Shetland sheep colour

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