Tuesday, May 08, 2007

It was a weekend of knitting. Finished another Kureyon square for the blankie in garish colours. Also knitted a faroese cat paw shawl (my own design in Louisa Harding Impression). This wasn't what I had intended to use the yarn for and wouldn't have been my first choice of yarn for a lacy shawl as its mostly viscose. However I had read somewhere that if you soak this kind of yarn for a while (1 hour) it might block ok. So there will be pictures tomorrow as it should be dry later. I quite pleased with how its turned out and that I knitted a shawl for DH's graduation in 3 days (there's nothing like a bit of pressure!). Still contemplating the Shetland hap, but picked up the blossom top last night and finished the front. It looks like there may be a skein left over, its blossom #10 which is quite sought after. So we'll have a little competition here I think ... watch this space.

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