Monday, April 30, 2007

Well ... weekend was spent fighting with the border for the green moss shawl. Who would've thought it was so hard to knit 64 rows! Eventually got them knit picked up the 63 stiches plus those for the border and have knit one row! Ta da. Hope fully it will be easier now.

Spent most of yesterday hand dying. This was for three purposes, firstly to have fun, secondly to get the right colours for the moods of the sea wallhanging and finally so that I can send my SP some local wool (only available in plain colours) handyed (which she loves) and stay within budget for the parcel. The wool was from New Lanark which is the closest Mill to here, and I used acid dyes. Its looking fab, just drying on the line ready for skeining (into normal sized skeins from 40ft ones) tonight and then there will be pictures!

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