Friday, April 27, 2007

Here's the good girl bit first. I've had a busy week (non-knitting) but still managed to knit most of a kureyon square for the mitred square blankie and have begun the green moss shawl (yipee) I have exactly 13 days to knit and block it! ....there's a challenge! Well once again last night I was thinking of my upstream SP, remember how she sent me a row counter to hang round my neck. This has proved a wonderful help for lace. I knit lace (backwards and forwards) on a bamboo circ so there's no place for a row counter thing to sit on my needles (those counters make the needles feel heavy for lace anyway). So last night I was knitting 64 rows of edging while on the phone to my father and the row counter meant I knew exactly where I was all the time ...fab!

Ok .... confessions .... more stash. I spotted a few(!) bargains online the other day ... just collected them from the post office this morning. The fleece artist is gorgeous, thats for both my wallhangings (as is the Louisa harding), the alchemy is for a shawl from VLT, ... not sure about the noro, I was thinking wallhanging but it almost looks suitable for lace (will knit tension square and then decide!

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