Monday, April 16, 2007

Its blocked (still to weave in ends) the daisy shawl for my SP's birthday pressie. I might block it again on my polystyrene board as the wet towel method left it a little lop sided. I hope she likes it.

I bagged four Munro's on saaturday near Aberfeldy. It was a gloriously sunny day (although a little hazy). This is me coming down from the final top feeling tired and sore but happy.
Finally I wanted to share another shawl with you. I knitted this one from Regia sock wool (2 and a half balls). The pattern is from Shawls and scarves the best of Knitters magazine.


your secret pal said...


I love your shawls!!!
Must get that book...*mentalnote*

LUL said...

She likes it -a lot :-)