Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I'm so excited ..... I've learnt to norwegian purl! It seems to be faster than normal continental purl but my tension is a bit tighter so it will take some getting used to! I've wanted to learn this for ages .... and last night I learned while talking to my mother on the phone! ... just like that!

I haven't put my end of March totals on here yet ... so naughty ... because I was trying to cover up recent purchases! So here goes:

New stash (2007) = 174 balls
Old stash (pre 2007) = ~340 balls (complete survey will be finished by end of April)

Total stash = 514 balls

Total stash used so far = 127 balls

So far this year I've knitted up 24.7% of my current stash (by weight).
That doesn't sound too bad eh? (Maybe this stash management is working?)

Ok ... March added 120 Balls to stash aaah!
Just recalculated stash currently stands at 19kg 350g

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Bobbi said...

Stash: Wow!