Wednesday, March 21, 2007

This is exciting, I've had my first comment ... Thanks Bobbi (SP10 hostess)! Well my first goodies are on their way to my SP ... ENJOY!!! (I'm fairly sure she hasn't guessed my ID yet but just in case...)

Its very cold here this morning, winter has truly returned. Done very litte knitting the last few days ... just haven't had much time. The tail gate rug now has 7 squares out of 12 so should have it finished in a couple of evenings. Also included a wee knitted treat in my SP parcel. Otherwise not much to report, have been procrastinating for weeks about repotting the cacti (over 100 of them, not all need done) will get round to it soon. Although I noticed one of my Mamillaria's was flowering (pink flowers) which is quite early (usually flowers in May) especially as they haven't been watered since september (this is deliberate ... I promise).

Back to somersaults tonight and climbing tomorrow (I learnt from last week).

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