Thursday, March 22, 2007

Stash now stands at 21kg 250g ... slowly getting there. I have decided to dangle myself some carrrots! ie give myself a treat when stash gets down to a certain level. So here goes:

20kg - Brittany birch crochet hook
19kg - something from poshyarn (1 skein only)
18kg - colinette mill pack ( This weighs 1kg!) - 5 skeins (keep 5 skeins hidden as 17kg reward
17kg - shared with above
16kg - wool to knit AS Marina
15 - Spinning Wheel

This is going to fun and a challenge! I'd like to have stash at about 12kg by the time we come to moving in the Autumn.

Somersaults were OK last night although I had a really rewarding time "fixing" other peoples moves.

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your secret pal said...

wohooo...what a grand plan!!! this sounds like a lot of very promising knitted objects to be expected! can't wait to see you get started...I love your stash...