Friday, March 09, 2007

I'm going to the SECC this afternoon! How fab is that?

Here is my March WIP list:

Apron from Spring IK (started 1/3 finished 3/3)
Sari silk square cushion for G's mum (7 squares finished 1 to go) - finished 14/3
Copy cushion cover for my mother (from an old one my aunt knitted years ago) (started 5/3)
Jumper/vest in Noro Blossom (depends how far the 10 skeins I have go ) (started 8/3)
More dishcloths/dusting cloths in Rowan calmer (from bargain bin at JL) (started 8/3)
Cross stitch 2 bibs for little sis (started 8/3) finished 11/3
Mitred squares blankie in Kureyon (ongoing project - aim to knit 4 squares this month)

What is my wishlist for the SECC?

More 4ply sockwool in solid colours. - didn't buy any
More 4ply handyed variegated - does dk possum count?
Something tweedy from New lanark - lots and lots of it
Some cheap dishcloth cotton (if not LIDL have this on offer next week) - yup
A cross stitch for G to make - yup

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