Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I'm busy making up for being so naughty last week .... had two really productive evenings.

Monday night - after work went for a swim, then coached trampolining for 2 hours ... somersaults not so good today :- ( . Made loads of progress on Blossom jumper (being optimistic that there will be enough wool) up to the neck shaping now, finished another cross stitch bib.

Tuesday night - went climbing after work ... I'm getting stronger again ... then finished sari silk squares, woven in ends and sewed cushion together ... only have bottom seam to finish (will block it first)

Yarn balance - stash stands at 21 kg 950g. That doesn't sound sooo bad? ... or does it? I can start something new now the cushions finished. I have a dilemma ... either a modified MDK tailgate rug in Sirdar spree/ sari silk/rag strips (would use 1.2kg) or lacy Chunky print cardigan (1kg). .... .... ..... .... .... The man from Del Monte says ... make the rug!

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