Thursday, March 15, 2007

Climbing and trampolining don't work one night after another. eeek. Scared myself last night on trampoline as terribly uncoordinated (not usually me). I would go for a 1/2 to front and do nearly a cartwheel instead and land in a crumpled heap in the middle! Somersaults weren't really happening at all - however we set the tramps up the other way round in the hall and I lost my point of reference which might have had something to do with it.

I've worked out why .... climbing works hips and legs in totally the opposite way from trampolining and I was a little sore and stiff from hauling myself up the wall. Mental note in future bounce first then climb the walls!

I got 3 balls of wool from violet green yesterday . Lovely colours, good price, soft BFL wool BUT and this is unfortunately a BIG BUT it smells of cigarette smoke. I've banished it to the naughty corner with some of the lavender/mint fabric freshener. Cyclodextrins rock!

Ok that probably makes no sense to anyone. Let me explain .... the way in which Febreeze and other fabric fresheners work is that they contain clever little sugar molecules called cyclodextrins. These look a bit like a fat polo mint (on a molecular level), the outside is water loving while the inside (the hole in the polo mint) is water hating. As most odour molecules are oily (ie water hating) they become trapped inside the sugar molecule thus hiding and the smell dissappears. Clever huh?

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Bobbi said...

Huge Pet Peeve...fibers that smell of smoke! Naughty corners all around!