Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Had a fab start to the week, one of my papers has been accepted for publication with only minor typo corrections WHAHEY!!!!

My order arrived from collinette with many scummy yarns in it all purple! The yarns in the mill ends purple palette included skeins of: wigwam, tagliatelle, mohair, firecracker, silkychic, point 5, cadenza, giotto and two others I can't identify ...yet!

Also received order from Kangaroo, what can I say both orders (Colinette and Kangaroo) were placed on thurs and attempted delivery on Sat (collected from the delivery office yesterday)!

I'm starting to get a little fed up with curve of pursuit at the moment, knitted borders always seem to take FOREVER!! ... although I've got 8 days to finish it to have knitted it in one month.

I've signed up for SP10, ... watch this space for the questionaire thingy.