Monday, March 19, 2012

Project Queue

So the WIP list is now on the too few side of acceptable following a determined effort to concentrate enough to get things finished. This is also a time to consider the continuity that WIP's give to me when everything around me feels disjointed and simple little things turn into complicated nightmares. i realise i need WIP's in different stages of progress so it never feels like everything has only just begun or is all coming to an end at once. In focusing on getting things finished i've neglected to begin new things.

WIP's (nearly finished): Fred's Quilt, Dolphin Wallhanging, mend the seam in my leotard

(in the middle): Handspun circular jacket with sleeves

(just started) : Stained glass wallhanging II

Project Queue (in no particular order):

1. The Peacock's Best Vest by SWTC Design Team (knitting)
2. Entrelac Sheep from Norwegian Handknits (knitting)
3. Tartan Plaid by Alice Starmore (not featured on Ravelry so no link) (knitting)
4. Design a colorwork hoodie with a hood steek (haven't seen this done before) (knitting)
5. Babette Blanket by Kathy Merrick (crochet)
6. Seaside Espadrilles by Jennifer L Appleby (crochet)
7. Spin and knit Pennie's swoopy skirt by Kathryn Alexander
8. Thistle Quilt (my own design)
9. Beautiful Belle bag by Amy Butler for my sister (sewing)

i recently found a small book called Knit One, Haiku too that i'd forgotten about. Its by Maria Fire, published 2006, and i wanted to share the following Haiku's from that book, that capture where i'm at now.

"How to trust the dark
The mind seeks and falls apart
Little thread that winds"

"Breathe in and exhale
Go with - let go-stitch again
Rhythm in chaos"

Having a bit of a rough time just now, but am trying to manage it differently to see if it has a better (in the long run) outcome ... will keep you posted.

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