Thursday, February 23, 2012

Picture update

Kittens 4 weeks old and cute as ever ...

Weaving - scarf in progress. The warp and weft are Colorimetry Shetland jumper yarn that were the colour quality control skeins for 3 batches of dyeing. They are semi-solid colours and this is a modified version of the age old colour experiment this time using semi-solid colours to study colour interaction. There are 36 different colours in total. I have enough of these colours left for a fair-isle colourwork jumper probably ala Alice Starmore ... but need to get those fair-isle socks in trekking yarn finished first.

Here's the stained glass wallhanging nearly done. The top is complete and i just need to assemble the wadding and backing and hanging sleeve. The black fabric is a plain (fairly good quality) craft cotton and the colours are mostly hand dyed Colorimetry fabric. I have a second one set up ready for cutting out with a different picture ... watch this space.

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kathy b said...

Those kittens are just precious