Saturday, February 04, 2012

Laurel Burch Fabric and stained glass update

Here's the stained glass wallhanging progress ... yes it dolphins

Here's a cozy for my ipod classic (i know ... but its the best mp3 player out there for podcasts and audiobooks even though itunes kind of sucks at times). Its made from Laurel Burch jungle songs fabric lined with fleece and interfaced with plastic canvas wrapped in cotton batting to make it sturdy. The button is made from fantastic felines fabric and is a Hemline metal self cover button (29mm size). The elastic closure is a snag-free hair bobble that i whip-stitched (using 2ply wool) in the middle so it fits the button snugly. The ipod sits tight in the pocket so i can listen to all my favourite sheepy podcasts on the go, if its held upside down the ipod doesn't slide out.

i braved cutting some Laurel Burch fabrics to make this shoulder bag. The flap is a fantastic felines panel.
i used some Jungle Songs for the back and back pocket.
This is the front pocket that the flap sticks to via the velcro tabs.
Here's the inside lining and zipped inside back pocket.

There's a wee side pocket for my mobile.
Here's the pattern i based the bag on. McCalls M5824. The pattern was easier to follow but i made a few modifications. i used plastic canvas to reinforce the gusset, front and back pocket sections, flap and the strap, this helps prevent the bag from being floppy. i used a single layer of cotton batting to wrap the plastic canvas in and used this in place of the fusible fleece mentioned in the pattern. i used heavy Vilene fusible interfacing on all main bag sections. The bag stands up on its own and holds its shape perfectly. i'm really happy with the shape and size. i was nervous about using my Laurel Burch stash but this project was worth it.


Peeriemoot said...

Glorious colours, glorious objects!

My word verification word for this comment is 'shnor' - isn't that great? :-D I love when they sound like they should be real words..

rtigger4 said...

What a great bag!! Love the fabrics too!! I am about to attempt this pattern to make my daughter her bag for school this fall. I may consider using the adjustments you made (plastic canvas and cotton batting) to make it a bit sturdier. Thanks for sharing!!

Hormones and me said...

Stunning bag!! You don't realise your talents