Sunday, January 08, 2012

One of the things that helped me through my time in hospital was keeping a journal and also managing to go to a few creative writing sessions. The creative writing involved various exercises including writing Haiku, short stories and various other fun things. One of these was to go round everyone in the room and say the first word that comes into your head and then write a short story incorporating all the words.

Here are the words from one session: zoo, sheep, coffee, doorstep, television, content, rave, banana, music, claptrap, Egyptian, vampire, bottle, juice, happy, bat, ocean and disco.

No prizes for guessing Purplejen's word!

If you feel inspired why not try and write your own story using these words and blog it ... if you do. leave a comment and maybe we could try an electronic version of this game.

Here's my piece (the words to be used are highlighted in bold):

The disco music on the breakfast television was making me rant and rave about the claptrap they call modern life. Meanwhile my pet sheep had stolen my coffee and the banana that was my breakfast and was now perfectly happy and content at having escaped from its pen and was trampling on my doorstep. It made me think of my trip to the zoo yesterday where there was an Egyptian vampire bat stuck inside a bottle of juice that someone had thrown into its cage and i hoped it had escaped like the sheep which was now heading for the ocean road.

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