Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Well i couldn't change the date listing on blogger ... ho hum ... nevermind

Here are some pictures of a coil pot i made using some standard Coil Pot Cording i got at Woolfest. The roving i used is some hand dyed Colorimetry Scottish wool roving that i couldn't part with. It involved separating the roving into strips as if to spin and then wrapping it round the cord and then securing the coils to each other using a zigzag stitch on the sewing machine. It took a bit of practice to get the hang of it ... it ended up 9" in diameter, base is 14 rounds and sides 16. This used about half a pack of the cording. I also have a pack of soft coil pot cording to make a hat.

and the wrong way up ...

I made this little elephant for one of friends who was having a really tough time back in January and had admired my soft toy called elefant. I put a lucky penny in each of his feet because she was needing some luck ... i'm happy to report she is in a much better place now due to her hard work and not a lot to do with the lucky pennies. It was a free pattern on Ravelry funnily called Elefant and made from Regia DK sock yarn. Apologies for the rubbish picture, it was taken with my phone.

Here's a cushion i made back in january, its to match the rainbow bargello quilt i made the year before last. It was a present for my father this year.
... and Cocoa had 5 kittens back in June (pictures to follow) two girls (ginger, white and black) and three boys (black and white).

Currently stuck (due to lack of concentration and brain power) on my second Rogue hoodie. I'm going to modify the pattern to include bust darts as very well explained in Ysolda Teague's new book called Little Red in the City. I'm knitting it in Noro Cash Iroha in a purple/pink solid colourway.

Also trying to design and make a paper pieced quilt that depicts a thistle. Currently struggling with choosing which fabrics to use for the greens. Then which fabrics to use side by side. The only conclusion i come to is that green is a very complex colour! ... more to follow

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Peeriemoot said...

Love the coil-pot - that looks incredibly fiddly to have worked with! Miranda once had a summer hat that was a kind of coil-pot construction. Unfortunately being cheap supermarket tat it unravelled before long, but it was a cool design!