Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Quick update:

* Gordon will appear on TV this week for the next 3 days. BBC 2 4.30pm, the programme is called "A question of genius"

*I've finished working for my difficult boss and am signed off sick for the next 3 months.

* I'm getting my foot op today and am really excited about it. I've had a Morton's neuroma (enlarged nerve) in my foot for the last few years and it has restricted my ability to hillwalk and exercise. Today is the day the nerve is taken out. Its done as day surgery under local anaesthetic. Unfortunately the next 2 weeks will be spent lying on the sofa ... knitting!

* I've been busy dyeing yarn, I have over 400 skeins of yarn i've dyed myself and roving etc. Pictures will follow ... when I've got a new card for the camera as the current one is corrupt.

* Also spinning lots.

I'm looking forward to catching up on reading all your blogs.

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Peeriemoot said...

Hope the op goes well - enjoy the enforced knitting :-).