Sunday, July 05, 2009

Apologies for the delay in posting ... currently working on something secret ... and I've misplaced the battery charger for the camera in the move.

I'm just casting off the lace project which is a gift ...

I have the necessary paraphenalia for sock knitting packed for train knitting tomorrow and some scrummy Trekking XXL in a purple/green colourway. This is good for me because I have been playing a lot with the colour green recently.

Just about to start warping my loom for a wallhanging project I was dreaming about last week and seemed like a good idea ... most of the things I dream about aren't good ideas in the cold light of morning.

It taking me a long time to get my craft room a) organised b) the way that feels right. I've made some progress this weekend in rearranging the furniture for like the tenth time (literally) and I'll see how this works out. One minor flaw I've spotted already is the cacti on the window sill are tall enough to obstruct the blind but not wide enough to block out the evening sun ... sigh.

Its been incredibly warm and sunny here recently. I went for a longish run earlier and was really suffering in the heat and was glad of the shade of the trees on the latter half of the route.

Oh and Cocoa is expecting her kittens in the next week or two. Today is day 54 of her gestation and she's quite big. We can see the kittens moving inside her which she doesn't understand and keeps trying to swipe her paw at her belly!

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