Wednesday, May 14, 2008

There will be some more pics ...
Since I've got back life has been stressful. There are certain things that I went on holiday to forget about and hoping they would have miraculously solved themselves while I've been away. Unfortunately I think the sunshine must have gone to my head and it all turned into a case of wishful thinking. ... but I'm working on it.
I've been spinning ... lots. (pics tomorrow)
I finished my New Lanark cardigan (although DH thinks its more of a housecoat as its a little on the long side).
I'm also getting organised for the first big batch of dyeing of the year. I have around 25kg of wool, silk and cotton to dye. Some of it is for personal use and as gifts (and a competition here), but most of it will be sold by several of my good friends to raise money for Charity. (I've sold a little at craft fairs around Glasgow, but have been persuaded to open an etsy shop ... watch this space). Anyway, the dyes have been ordered, formulae calculated and mega skeins wound. Now we just need a few days of sunshine when I'm not working on the day job.

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