Thursday, May 22, 2008

Having a bit of a nightmare at work, they're knocking down the building next to mine and its generating A LOT of dust, noise and vibration as well as false fire alarms and power cuts. They've promised it'll be finished this week, I'll believe it when I see it.
.... but I've been working hard on reskeining the mega skeins I dyed last weekend. Last night I managed one 500g, 100ft skein which turned into a bit of a fankle and although I was very tempted to throw the lot in the bin, I finished it without a single bit wasted ... shame it took all night!
I haven't time this weekend for more dyeing as we're heading south for a few days, to see some friends, my sister and then DH is participating in the TV quiz show Mastermind. The filming takes place on tuesday evening in Manchester. The show is made up of two rounds, a specialist subject followed by general knowledge. His specialist subject is the Munro's (mountains of Scotland that are over 3000ft high). I'll let you know when its being screened ...

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