Thursday, April 03, 2008


This was Easter weekend ... 10 mins later we turned back due to blizzard conditions and deep snow.Extreme knitting rug ... fits well under the spinning wheel but has been adopted by the cats as a magic carpet. One of them (usually Cocoa sits on it, then Kenny launches himself at her, the rug and both cats go flying across the room). Extreme knitting is fun but also quite tiring on the arms and difficult to do continental style.

and a close up ... Wollmeise socks (deliberately slightly odd!) ... honest
Baby boy dungarees ...

and from the back ...notice the twisted strap that I had to unpick and un-twist! ... and Cocoa's tail (she was getting jealous that I wasn't taking pictures of her!

Baby boy jumper in Sirdar bamboo (still to finish the neck). I need to decide whether to get another ball of yarn to finish off in the cream colour or use some of the mint green that I have left over.Finally I was going to show you my Froelich wolle blauband sock (seen in purple/pink here) and my regia socks, but a Cocoa said it was high time that she got some attention and a picture.

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Anonymous said...

I absolutely adore those little dungarees! How cute.