Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Its been a bit of a funny week here. Its been busy, but had a few really low points which have caused me to hit my self- destruct button. Anyway its all better now although I still haven't heard any news about the grant. We were meant to hear the outcome on friday but the decision has been delayed by at least 2 weeks. As it stands I go away on holiday on the 14th April and my not have a job to come back too. Scary stuff eh?
Knitting has been mostly starting things without much finishing going on. Pictures tomorrow (i promise)
1. Made a pair of baby boy dungarees using a slightly different pattern from the pink girls ones. They're size 6-9 months made from Sirdar snuggly and finished with the cutest wee buttons.
2. Extreme knitting rug is finished
3. On a bit of a machine knitting sock kick. Have nearly finished 5 pairs, just seaming most of them. My favourites for colour are some Wollmeise ones and for fit some made from Swiss Blauband sock yarn (the kind which comes with a bobbin of thinner wool for knitting into the heels and darning).
4. Knitted a baby boy jumper from Sirdar Bamboo which is gorgeous (if I may say so myself) but I'd forgotten how many ends there are to weave in when knitting stripes. Just needs a collar.
5. The freedom spirit jumper ... ahem ... I finished the bottom ribbing on Saturday. Then went to the gym and it was raining and cold and I only had a t shirt on so decided to wear the unfinished jumper (still needs cuffs ribbing and the neckline needs finishing) and I realised how well it fits and how cosy it is. So I didn't take it off for the rest of the day (have you ever done that?). Because I've worn it part of me has forgotten that its not finished.
6. New Lanark Iris cardigan - I've knitted all the parts for this and started seaming.
I'm really enjoying learning to use the knitting machine. This week my acheivements were to learn to cast off behind the sinker posts and knit socks toe up. I also tried seaming using the machine by placing the edge stitches from the pieces to be joined onto the machine (right sides together) so that there are 2 stitches on each needle one from each side of the seam. Then manually knitting one row (not using the carriage) then knitting 1 row with carriage and then casting off. This gives a reasonably flat seam that holds its structure. Finally can we all send some positve machine knitting vibes to Della. THANKS!!!

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Knitted Piper said...

I'm all for the good vibes !!!!! thanks for thinking of me :)