Monday, March 10, 2008

I need some time ...

After a brilliant but really busy weekend I feel like I need some time just to sit back and think of all the wonderful people I've met and digest properly everything thats been going on.
Instead I've got a really busy day at work today mainly doing rheology runs which need changed every 6 minutes, then trampoline coaching tonight and I half said I'd join DH for his pub quiz as well .... sigh!
The weekend was fab. I volunteered at the SECC Creative stitches show on friday and sunday. It was great to meet up with so many Ravellers and many other familiar faces. A big thank you goes to Yvonne for organising the knit and natter and for having me back.
On Saturday my wheel and I went on tour to Carluke to do a spinning demo. This was fun and very rewarding especially the number of husbands and little boys that were really interested in finding out how a spinning wheel works. One 5 year old said he was going home to try and make one out of lego.
On Saturday afternoon I rushed home (3.20pm), changed, had lunch (at 3.30pm) and caught the 3.50pm train into town to join DH to watch the second half of the rugby. Celebrations were in order and we ended up staying out much later than planned, although we finally managed to compile a shortlist of where we might like to go on holiday next month (we came up with Jordan or Morocco).
I have some FO's to show including a machine knit pair of socks. I'll post pics hopefully tomorrow or wednesday.
Finally my wheel and I are going to take a trip to the T'chai Ovna in Shawlands tomorrow night for a come and spin night. Anyone is welcome either in person or in spirit.
Anyone got any ideas on how to make blogger format paragraphs ... these blocks of text are driving me nuts!

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