Monday, February 18, 2008

Quick update ... pics tomorrow.
1. Knitting machine - thoroughly cleaned, oiled and ready to go. Knitted a hem and a bit of a sampler, increasing and decreasing stitches. I'm glad to report there were no dropped stitches and she works much more smoothly now she's clean. The first time I tried the knitted hem, all my stitches fell off and I was really fed up ... but then I realised I hadn't been following the instructions exactly and tried again.
2. Spinning - I've spun 150g of singles, in three different blends of colours. I started spinning a fourth one which I've called dragonfly and is my favourite of all, its mostly blues and turquoise with a little pink and some angelina (iridescent and sparkle).
3 Knitting - working on PIF gift ... unfortunately had to rip 5 rows which took forever in KSH.
4. Stash - remember how I'd said I'd been so good and not bought a single ball of wool? Well that's still true but my stash has grown exponentially, thanks to a lady (who is akin to my surrogate granny) I met who wanted to give me her stash and patterns as she's unable to knit any more. I collected two car loads full and apparently she has lots more! Dh wasn't too happy when he saw ~30kg of yarn and hundreds of vintage patterns in the hallway of our flat. I've been going through it slowly, there's ~20kg of mohair. The pattern's are amazing although I'm sure a few resulted in some traumatized children (I'm sure you can imagine), these a mostly 1935 - 1970. I've started sorting them, as there are quite a few I'd like to knit.
We went to the Theatre Royal in Glasgow on saturday to see the fantastic production of the play Equus, which I'd highly recommend if you get the chance to see it.
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Knitted Piper said...

ok ... now you're just rubbing it in !!! (regarding how well you're doing with your knitting machine) .... or at least, making me feel bad knowing that I've had mine since Aug, and have done naught with it since setting it up and getting frustrated because of all the dropped sitches.

ok MKB (machine knitting buddy) .... I'm inspired. DD is off with her dad this coming weekend, so my goal is to find some time, get out the instruction book and figure the bloody thing out .... worse case, you'll be getting a ring from Canada begging for your "expert" help because I've gotten it apart, but cant get it back together !!

Cheers !!