Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Lost for words ...

I got in quite late last night after work and trampoline coaching and was a little stressed after driving home in the freezing fog ... so imagine my surprise when Dh mentioned he'd collected 2 parcels for me from the delivery office. He then went on to tease me about ordering a broomstick which is what one of the packages looked like. It turned out to be the new sponge bar for the Knitmaster which I'll play with properly when I have more time later on this week.

The second parcel really took my breath and words away .... it was from Whichit, who had kindly offered to be my angel secret santa. I opened it and pulled out a lovely handwritten letter and then gasped as she'd sent so many beautiful and thoughtful things, she's spoilt me rotten and totally made my day. I don't know what to say ...... but a HUGE THANK YOU!!!!

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Which said...

Hooray, it arrived! Hope you find some time to sit down with tea and chocolate.

PS That rainbow yarn you've spun is amazing.