Monday, January 14, 2008


Here is the hackle I made that I was talking about last week. Its a simple contruction and fairly short (but long enough to hold 50-75g of roving). I have another 2 identical wallpaper brushes that I've begun pulling the bristles out of (quite a tedious job) to make a longer version.

To use it ... take a hackle and

fix securely to a table using two clamps

you'll also need a diz ... (I found this concave wooden button in my sewing box which works perfectly) and something to use to thread the diz (I use a crochet hook).
Then lash the roving onto the hackle building up layers of different colours. I added some pale blue angelina for some sparkle as well as blue, lilac, purple and cream roving.
Then starting in the bottom right hand corner thread the diz.
and gently but firmly pull the roving through ... Eventually there should be enough to form a ball

I got a bit carried away so made all these as well.

and spun it (100g) of fine single which I'll ply at some point with some of the shetland fleece I have to make a tweedy yarn ... ta da!!!

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