Wednesday, November 07, 2007

SSS Lace test 1 Elastic Edges and simple lifeline

I know I promised a simple lace pattern but I thought I’d keep it simple for today. There are other techniques which achieve a similar effect, so please use your preferred one if it differs from these.

For SSS we’ll need to knit fabric with elastic edges on all sides (believe me I’ve seen the pattern!). Practice this exercise if this is new to you before knitting the SSS swatch, it’ll help you get the most out of the swatching.

Cast on 25 stitches using the German long tail cast on shown here. (click on the top video titled continental cast on)

I usually cast one either using a needle that’s about 1mm bigger than the one I’m using or over two needles which is my preferred method. If using two needles keep the stitches over both needles (treat as one bigger needle)and knit the first row with a third needle

knit one row which should be a wrong side row

knit the next row but knit into the back of the last stitch (ktbl) rather than the front

On the next row slip the first stitch purlwise knit to last stitch, ktbl.

Continue on each row slipping the first stitch and ktbl of the last one until the last row (prior to cast off below). This gives an elastic chain edge
Purl next wrong side row and continue in stocking stitch for 10 rows
Insert a lifeline as described here
Knit another 5 rows
Rip back to the lifeline and recover the stitches. Remove lifeline
Knit 3 rows garter stitch
Cast off as follows K2, *replace 2 sts back onto left needle and then k2tog tbl, k1 repeat from * until 1 st remains then fasten off.
Block carefully. The edges of the swatch should feel elastic in all directions

When you have successfully completed this little test please leave a picture on your blog and leave me a comment with your blog URL and I'll come and have a look.

If this is confusing or there's anything else that you'd like to know, please leave a comment here or a message on ravelry I'm Purplejen there.


Reb said...

Purplejen, I don't see anything on the cast-on page called a German long-tail cast on. Thanks.

Reb said...

Hi again. When we slip the first stitch purlwise, do we slip it with the yarn in back, or with it in front then placing it in back as you would if you were switching from purling to knitting. Thanks! said...

I created a blog on and posted pictures of my swatch, but now I can't find the URL(this is all new to me!). The blog is Suesknittingprojects, so maybe the URL is

LUL said...

Sue, your blogs url is :
What you have written is an emailadress.
If you log into your blogger account when writing comments people can find your blog by clicking yor name.
There is a million things to learn incyberspace!!! Knitting is mucheasier ;-)

Liz said...


I've posted a picture of my swatch on my blog - - all the sides are pretty elastic although I think I'll have to do the cast-on row a bit looser in the real thing. The cast off edge is much more elastic. I was glad to have a practice!

Bea said...

Ich habe gerade die deutsche Übersetzung in die Gruppe geladen. / I´ve just uploaded the German translation into the group.

Danke für die Erlaubnis. / Thanks for the permission.

Liebe Grüße / Best wishes
Bea tippmaus23(at)yahoo(punkt/dot)de

Liz said...

Addition to my previous comment - you will have to scroll down a bit on my blog to get to the picture of my swatch - didn't mean it to happen this way but I sort of kept writing posts on my blog today after none for a week!! a direct link is:

regiknits said...

Is this cast on any different than what I have seen simply called long tail cast on. I looked at the video and it looked the same, but I want to make sure.

Reb said...

Regiknits, it's the same cast-on. I also was surprised/confused about this.