Thursday, October 18, 2007

I managed to sneak in a few more rows on thistle last night between work and coaching trampolining. I'm now up to round 138 which is the official end of the coffee cloth size. I plan to knit to round 140 or 142 and then edging.
My in the car knitting must now return to things simple (garter or stocking stitch) as its got too dark in the mornings to see what I am doing. In a hurry I dug out a scarf I am knitting as a Christmas present and then it will be back to squares for the noro blanket (here's hoping I can finish it this winter).
I'm also stalking the postman at the moment as my SP11 has mentioned a parcel ... watch this space.
I'm away tomorrow but will be back on monday hopefully with pictures of a nearly finished thistle.

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