Monday, October 15, 2007

Hundertwasser socks ... finished still to block and weave in ends

Blossom jumper (1 tiny mistake to fix in seaming, needs blocking and weaving in of ends)

Thistle shawl (up to round 126)
How long do you think I lasted before I wound and began knitting with the lovely handyed merino LUL sent me?

.... less than 24 hours!

I played with a few ideas before deciding on a beanie ... Purplejen has lots of hats but no purple beanie ... UNTIL NOW!

Dh is posing for me to show you how wonderful the colours are and how soft it feels. This has become my favourite hat!

A sad note is that the purple socks I knitted in August have felted :-(

... and will need serious stretching to get them into shape (me being optimistic).


Anonymous said...

The thistle shawl is really eyecatching, I'm impressed!

LUL said...

I have been so busy designing that I havn't been visiting blogs for several days! Shame on me.
Hey, that beanie looks great: I might have to make one for myself too!
The thistle looks great, can't wait to see it after blocking and all. It is so difficult to get a good look at those circular shawls while on the needles, which makes kntting the border really exiting.
The socks looks great too, so does the hat for SP11. Ypu sure are very productive these dyas!!