Friday, September 07, 2007

No pictures of the thistle today ... only got 2 rows done last night as we went to our local pub quiz and didn't do too well (came 5th out of 6 teams!)
I got my paws on another lace book ... Danish lace treasures. It contains some beautiful circular and oblong patterns perfect for use as centres for circular and hexagonal shawls. I thought I'd show you my small collection of esoteric lace books.
Now for spinning ... I also got my hands on the perfect book (for me) ... Alden Amos Big book of handspinning. Here's my spinning book stash ... and I think I have all the info I'll ever need

The spinners and spinning wheels book came from a second hand bookshop for 50p and has lots of detailed historical and a little practical info and is very easy to read. Hands on spinning by Lee Raven is a little bit too simplified (good if you want to learn to spin without asking too many questions). However the Alden Amos is fantastic, its for anyone who's got a scientific/engineering mind and has to understand exactly how its put together and works before being able to do something themselves without getting frustrated. I've got it sussed and can't wait to have a 'proper' go with the wheel later.

speaking of which ... here she is my Kromski symphony (hasn't got a proper name yet)

Have a great weekend, back on Monday!

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LUL said...

What a beauty. I am sure she will made your head spin!
Happy weekend.