Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Just a few things to say:

1. I've decided to dye a little bit of my hair purple with some vegetable based dye at some point in the next few months and see if I still like the idea. How about handpainted hair? It can't be that different from handpainted wool! Anyone know any Goth shops in Glasgow?

2. My new nickname I wrote about the other day . woolly jumper (get it?)

3. Its back to somersaults tonight. Last weeks efforts were a disaster (I blame the sore leg), so here's hoping I get my bum over my head tonight rather than my head under my bum (if that makes any sense).

4. My love affair with options continue ... finished part A of the thistle last night. (will wait for the 150cm cable to arrive before I show pictures).

5. As there are no pictures today, we'll have a link instead to a rather cool sock pattern

Finally yarn balance for August:

Yarn in 600g

Yarn out 800g (knitting) and 1200g (donation to Loving hands charity knitting group) = 2kg

Total yarn out this year =12.825kg

Total stash = 13.625kg

Wow ...I'm quite proud of this ... I've had a tidy of the stash cupboard recently and realised that I have only yarn with projects in mind and a few leftovers ... how good is that!

1 comment:

LUL said...

*lol* yeah, I get it. Good luck with the somersault. Look forward to the pics.