Monday, September 17, 2007

I have a meeting this morning (hopefully not as long as the one on friday!) ... keep you fingers crossed for me its with a very big cheese.

I didn't do much at the weekend, brain not working very well after last weeks exertion. I have exciting things to show but DH has gone to France with the camera.

1. Thistle is growing I'm up to row 84 and have nearly finished the actual thistle part.
2. I did a small amount of dyeing on saturday with some promising (Omega and Kemtex dyes) and some disastrous results (the logwood).
3. Managed to spin and ply 100g of the dyed wool (50g merino roving (syntheic dyes) and 50g Scotch mule uncarded (logwood) but predrafted fleece). The colours are fabulous but the spinning needs lots of practice. I now have something thats a little overspun like banana yarn!

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LUL said...

Look forward to see it all. Didin't knit as much as I hoped for this weekend. Ended up in bed all day sunday with a migraine, probably because last week was so busy.