Friday, August 24, 2007

I'd left Kenny with the task of watching for the postman yesterday. I came home to find this!

and this (which intriguingly said "pink box" where they usually tick parcel)

and then my neighbour appeared with this HUGE box, no prizes for guessing what this was! Unfortunately I didn't get too much further with it after unpacking my new Kromski Symphony spinning wheel as .... there were NO instructions! I've emailed to get a copy, although I was quite proud of myself for working out what the various bits were for. More about this on Monday.

Then a quick call to DH and he came home from work with this very beautifully wrapped big pink box from my amazingly organised SP11 (SP11 has only been running a week or so)!!! I thought I would sit outside with a cup of tea in the sunshine and unwrap it.

I spent ages looking at the pretty paper not wanting to rip it, then carefully peeled back the sellotape to reveal .... lots of goodies, and a beautiful cat card. At this point I beat a retreat indoors as DH was brandishing the lawnmower at my untidy garden (why is it the weeds grow twice as fast when you're ill?). I had my detective hat on ... the postmark was a UK one KY. Hmmm can't think where that is at the moment.

On wrapping I found soo many things ...

a cute tiger and great card
Purpleness ... yarn, gorgeous beads, a scarf pattern on purple card with some cute wee beaded eyelets, and a fabric comb.

Then some more cats, and a great daisy cat mug (I've already used it for tea, its perfect)....

Finally some chocolate (yum), a nightlight holder, winnie the pooh stickers and a cute purple snowflake.

I have a beaded lace border pattern for which the blue beads are perfect just need to knit the shawl first! At first I wasn't so sure what to do with the yarn. It has a gorgeous colour and lustre but as its mercerised cotton I am a little wary of it as I got tendonitis a few years back after (a mammouth stint of) knitting with similiar cotton. However I will knit some baby things for my nephew Daniel and one of the other upcoming new arrivals. I'll take it slowy and knit a few rows each night and see how it goes.

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Lou said...

Well - I guess that answers my question of - 'Did you like your first parcel!'. Seems I did quite well picking out some things for you my friend :0) Didn't puss do so well watching out for the postie! The purple snowflake thing was created by my 6 year old daughter - she will be delighted that you liked it! Npw I am on the hunt for some more things for your next surprise - isn't SP such fun!

Watch this space....... :0)