Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Here is some microscopy of one carefully(!) selected sheepie hair. I've included one of my own for comparison (I have quite coarse thick hair in case you were wondering)

Scale: 1cm on screen = 73 microns
(NB: Please do not copy these images without permission)
The thinnest ones are also the softest.
I'm hoping to show pictures in the coming weeks of other fibers down the microscope
Here are the staple lengths as measured by my own hand (oops I mean ruler!):
Jacob = 10-14cm
Texel = 12-15cm
Scotch Mule = 22-26cm
Scottish Blackface = 15-20cm
Cheviot = 20-24cm
Please don't think that the sheepies have taken over! I finished my fishermans rib scarf last night and knitted on round of the hap shawl.


LUL said...

I think microscopy of sheep hair equals my purple buns in weirdness!! *LOL*

zeph said...

The pictures are great - the Scotch Mule looks like it'd be fun to work with. Thanks for sharing :)