Monday, April 02, 2007

SP10 questions

1) How old were you when you learned how to knit?
2) Who taught you?

My granny taught me when I was 4 (Hooray for Oma Kelz), she was from Germany so I knit Continental. I was taught the English method at school as I was told that I was knitting the wrong way. Now whenever I knit in public people tell me I'm doing it wrong and offer to show me the right way or ask if I'm left handed. Anyone who gets it right as Continental automatically gets something from my knitting bag (only 2 people have got it right in about 10 years)!

(My granny taught me so many practical things, I knitted my first sock when I was 7, long before the current craze, she also taught me embroidery, tatting, needle and bobbin lace and how to darn. She didn't know how to crochet so I learnt that when I was 7 from a friend of my mothers who used to crochet the alter lace for St Pauls Cathedral in London.)

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Bobbi said...

My Grandma taught me to crochet when I was little. Because of that, I never learned to knit because everyone wanted me to knit "the right way". So when I was almost 40, I taught myself to knit...continental! We've got to stick together.