Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A box full of purpleness .... how fab is that? I spent a while reading the note and slowly feeling each tissue wrapped item. Then eventually I slowly unwrapped each one ...

Firstly three very useful things, which I have been admiring in the Clover catalogue for a very long time, just never seen in any shops here. Secret pal ... how did you know? I was so excited to receive these things. In fact the row counter has already found use for counting pattern repeats on my latest daisy scarf and I love the wee tube the needles are in ... just like a cute little centrifuge tube! The darning needles will certainly increase my motivation for weaving in ends. One of my frustrations in the past has been finding a needle suitable for the job ... no longer!

Next I opened some SALTY LICORICE! I was so excited ... I haven't had any since Christmas! Wow and such a big bag .... and Tobago chocolate! I then found some bergamot body lotion which smells heavenly and felt fantastic on my sore feet! I couldn't continue without making a cup of smoky tea and trying first a piece of the licorice .... yum ... and then after a few sips of tea a square of chocolate .... this was bliss. Thank you Secret pal, the chocolate is so smooth and cocoaey and the licorice just the right amount of saltiness! I will make these treats last a while, they are so yummy!

And then I could feel unrest amongst my stash ... surely there was a new member in there somewhere. I found the most amazing yarn, handspun and handpainted in lovely green, red, purple and bluey hues. (I couldn't quite get the colours right on the camera). Wow. I spent a while cuddling the skeins. I haven't seen anything like this before ... it is very special. (It was at this point that DH came in from his run ... he wasn't too pleased that I'd had sweets before my dinner and was holding wool as if it were alive!). I felt like a little girl at Christmas time again!

A BIG THANK YOU to my Secret Pal. You are an absolute star!

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Lucky you!