Thursday, March 01, 2007

SO have I been a good girl and done what I said I would before starting anything new? ... NOPE.
In my defence, I felted Kennys bed, which included stressing as the water went off while the washing machine was on (we're on a shared supply with our neighbours and they'd turned it off without telling us), no harm done to washer or cat bed. Cat bed felted really well and surprisingly evenly given that it was made of random wool from stash. Kenny will test it tonight ... he promised!
Curve of pursuit marathon of end weaving is complete. Just needs washed and blocked. I have piccys just camera won't talk to computer this morning.
So I managed two things from the to do list before casting on for the apron top from Spring IK. Will weave in ends on sari silk squares tonight before doing any more knitting!

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