Thursday, March 29, 2007

How have I got on with my march WIP list?

Apron from Spring IK - finished
Sari silk square cushion for G's mum finished and she liked it
Tail gate rug - finished

Copy cushion cover for my mother - not made much progress can't be bothered with this right now

Jumper/vest in Noro Blossom nearly finished body then have sleeves to go

More dishcloths/dusting cloths - have knitted 4

Cross stitch 2 bibs for little sis finished and posted

Mitred squares blankie in Kureyon - done 1 square

Ok I think ... but I was a naughty girl last night ... started something new!

WIP list for April:

Noro Blossom Cardigan - finish body and sleeves
Rowan Chunky Print fringed throw - 2/5ths finished
Cushion cover for mother
Shawl for my SP
New secret project in odds and ends of sock wool

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