Thursday, February 15, 2007

Exciting week....

Congratulations to K and P who got married on saturday, what a fab day and lovely to see you both so happy.

I got an APOROCACTUS FLAGELLIFORMIS (rats tail cactus) from RHS Wisley on Sunday ... this is sooo exciting I've been looking for one of these for AGES!!!!

My Denise needles arrived from Peachey Ethnits ... they're fab and perfect for curve of Pursuit which is growing larger and heavier every day!!! On the 12th triangle now!

On the down side I've had nothing but more hassle and lies from Hipknits. I think Kerrie is a nice person and admire her for the many things she juggles. However ... several things have really annoyed me about her/hipknits.

1. Looked at the Sari silk under the microscope and its definately rayon (I suspected this from the feel and burn test).

2. I bought cashmere sock yarn from the Christmas sale, I ended up with replacements rather than the yarn I'd ordered, the weights of each skein varied from 50-85g and were poorly plied and skeined. However under the microscope its definately wool/cashmere (hard to differentiate between the two)

3. The recent orders I had placed and paid for special delivery never arrived, I hassled her for the tracking numbers from the post office which were never provided, she also said that my parcels hadn't been posted because her post office was snowed in for 2 days (royal mail knew nothing of the closure) and as soon as I mentioned a potential report to the consumer watchdog I was given an immediate refund. I'm sorry to say this but NEVER AGAIN!

On the positive side I've ordered the wool from Colinette and Kangaroo instead!